Organic Teas that my kids actually love (and they work!)

Herbal Teas for Kids Herbal Teas

I love the fall weather! The vivid colors of the leaves and the fresh air coming through open windows makes me wish we could have this weather all year. However it does also bring rain, tree pollen carried by the fallen leaves and the opportunity for my children to catch viruses because they are spending a lot more time breathing indoor oxygen than the fresh air outdoors. I do not work for nor receive money from Traditional Medicinals but I have been using their herbal teas for children to combat the common virus since my children were toddlers. Their teas (sweetened with a little honey or Agave syrup) are always my first line of attack when the sore throat, stomach ache or runny nose symptoms begin to surface. I try to give them a cup before school, another after school and then one after dinner, depending on the severity of their symptoms. The herbs are organic and mild enough to use for children and if used diligently and early enough, can eliminate the need for a doctor’s visit. The sore throat tea is good for those with allergies since this is mostly caused by the post nasal drip. I use the cold tea the most and stock up right before cold season, and the tummy tea works well for them when they have an upset stomach caused by food, medication or a virus. They also make a “Nighty Night” tea which is a milder form of chamomile tea for those kids who have a difficult time sleeping. I don’t use it often but I definitely make sure I have a box  in the cupboard at all times and it truly is nature’s sleeping pill, even for me!

Nothing more really to say except that I couple these with a good old fashioned pot of home made chicken soup (organic chicken and fresh vegetables and herbs are recommended!) and we eliminate the need to go to the doctor for advanced symptoms and the dreaded antibiotics that they both despise. One less fight for me! I just wanted to pass on what works for me and hopefully will keep you from spending too much on co-pays and too many days off, home sick with your children.

Wishing you a happy and healthy cold and flu season!