Why this Independent Mother doesn’t want a card on Father’s Day

Someone posted a photo of a Hallmark card created to give to Mothers on Father’s Day, and I remembered the article I wrote last year still stands firm for me even though I received a lot of flack from “single moms” who disagreed. Here goes…

Parenting Today's African American Children

wpid-img_2214353150976.jpegFather’s Day has been bittersweet for me these past two years, mainly because  my father transitioned shortly before Mother’s Day a year ago. My dad was not everything that we needed a father to be, but he loved and protected his children, parented the best he knew how, always brought his check home, and although was not always connected to us emotionally, he kept a roof over our heads, food in our stomachs and never in his entire life did he miss a birthday of his children or grandchildren. I miss him dearly, mainly because as most women, I was a daddy’s girl. I didn’t always like his choices and I knew he was not perfect but he always let me know how beautiful and special I was to him and spoiled me whenever he could. I expected for my daughter to have a similar experience, and also wished for my…

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One thought on “Why this Independent Mother doesn’t want a card on Father’s Day

  1. I love this !!! what you wrote is absolutely the complete and honest truth. no matter what anyone tells you, you are not a male, you are not a man, therefore you cannot and will never be their “father” and be able to give the children what a male can bring to the table and that’s ok. i also sadly learned that lesson early on in my own upbringing with an absentee father who was so consumed with work, gambling and other extra curricular activities that constantly kept him away from home, his wife and his child. you are an independent mother/woman which to me is fantastic and fabulous !!! you are the true meaning and embodiment of “woman” and you prove everyday that when done as you do and for the love of your beautiful and talented children, being a woman can be a very, very powerful and empowering gender/spirit. So, yes, i totally agree with you, no “father’s day’ card for you needed…but totally more flowers, more cards and absolutely more candy for “mother’s day” !!!..how can you go wrong with that?


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